16-23 Ottobre 2017 / CLIO CASADEI│AIR Standards
In questa settimana di residenza a Milano, l’artista ha lavorato alla sonorizzazione di On Theme, ultimo testo del suo libro Atlas. Lo studio di Frequente é temporaneamente diventato una regia dove accadono azioni, suoni e voci che, in diretta, vengono registrati, proiettati e spazializzati nella sala centrale di Standards. L’esperienza, in forma di sonorizzazione live e  installazione sonora in loop, é condivisa con il pubblico dal  21 al 23 Ottobre 2017
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Atlas, un progetto di Clio Casadei in collaborazione con Boîte Editions e Frequente.  Prodotto in copia unica, o in edizioni realizzate in occasione di collaborazioni specifiche.
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A new series of live performance and events in collaboration with: S / V / N / SavanaEuphorbia ⇔ εὖ eû & Hangar Macao between Standards and Macao is ongoing.
04.10 Orthographe | Stanze: racconto per camera preparata
13.10 Donato Epiro
19.10 Jasmine Guffond (Hangar Macao)
31.10 PATIÑO | SN 50#2 | Gang Of Ducks
04.11 Lea Bertucci & Christopher McIntyre
13.11 John Chantler
16.11 Áine O’Dwyer (Hangar Macao)
19.11 Keith Fullerton Whitman Matinée
02.12 Native Instrument Viafarini
16.12 Dakim


We are curating along with S/V/N a series of live performance at Standards, Milano. Starting from  January to May. Pay us a visit.
18 Jan: Mads Emil Nielsen​ | Sebastiano Carghini​
26 Jan: Carla dal Forno​
18 Feb: FASMA Festival​ preview Valerio Tricoli​ | Heith​ (Daniele Guerrini​) + Giulio Nocera​ | Kondaktor​ dj
17 Mar: Les énervés​ | Xavier Charles​ (w/ Plunge​)
26 Mar: Matinée Ottaven | Dennis​ Tyfus
08 Apr: Rain Text
24 Apr: Luciano Maggiore​
30 Apr: Matinée  Anna Frei | Gea Brown​
14 May: Matinée OOH-sounds​ showcase
25 May: Sébastien Roux plays Inevitable Music w/ Dedalus Ensemble


Cavo, a permanent project for Standards, curated by Frequente

A fixed environment, constant in all its parts and without movement, would be an environment completely rigid: maybe it would no longer be an environment.
The site specific installation we are presenting is the result of a practical research project developed within Frequente, during the last months. From an idea of Attila Faravelli in dialogue with Nicola Ratti is born the collaboration with Nicola Martini and Vittorio Cavallini, in order to realize a permanent installation for the interior architecture of Standards. The aim is to modify the perceiving of the space and to loosen its aspect as white cube.
Irregularity is the chosen strategy to ensure the richness of acoustical qualities of the place. Rather than rectify the aural response of the environment, we preferred to increase possibilities, in building up a context able to maintain the differentiation. The installation is done so as to assure instability to the space.
We think the room reveals rather than narrows the possibilities of sonic events: the changing position of the listener, the refraction of the sounds on the multitude of curved surfaces, the countless facets of ongoing variables are all elements oriented to be always active; they add up, they thicken, they fit together, they nullify each other, they go to create an iridescent space.
If reality is infinite creases made of the same substance, this installation aims at increasing the creases, preferring movement to control, differentiation to linearity.

Cavo is made of smoked walnut and eucalyptus wood and has been worked at its natural state, taking advantage of the roughness, looking for the friction of the sound on the material and inside its porosity.
It is a part, is a a whole, it is part of a whole.


Ben Vida introduced by Shelter Press
Standards, Milano . 7 Novembre 2016
in collaboration with Terzopaesaggio
We asked Ben Vida  and Shelter Press to co-curate the event at Standards aiming to set up an interesting occasion to deepen both of their works. The result will be the presentation of Damaged Particulates, the brand new album Ben is releasing on Shelter Press, it will be introduced with a special live set focused on the new lp.

Shelter Press
 is a french publishing / curatorial platform founded in 2011 by publisher Bartolomé Sanson and artist Félicia Atkinson.
Shelter Press works as a nomadic artist-run organization building up dialogues between contemporary art, poetry and experimental music through publications, pedagogical experiences, and exhibitions.

we had a chat about Frequente with Robert Barry, you can read it on The Quietus

Nesxt Torino, 4 -> 6 Novembre 201614359088_189117734846791_1733919921891284796_n
Frequente will curate and present a soundwork inside this independent art network meeting in Turin. Pay a visit!
NESXT . Torino

Lucrecia Dalt introduced by Care Of Editions
Dalt @ Borja Vilas
Standards, Milano . 22 Settembre 2016
in collaboration with Terzopaesaggio

Lucrecia Dalt dove into music full–time after working as a civil engineer in Colombia. Her pursuit of avant–garde sound brought her to Spain and then to Germany, where she currently resides. While highly technical, Dalt has always balanced the sharp mind of a methodical thinker with the restless heart of a passionate artist, gradually seeking a way to create hand–crafted mental states through sound, maintaining a quantity of emotionality, merging accessible, melody with abstract structures, handcrafted e ects and sampling. Her recent work develops around the ideas of repositioning fiction, time perception, scale, telluric affect, vocoding and sound dynamics.


Care of Editions is a label that pays people to download the music we release with profits made from selling the same albums on vinyl. As more records sell, more downloads become available, and for larger sums. The amount of money is always tied to the download number, so it keeps going up until the edition is sold out: from one to forty-five dollars, which is funded by an edition of 118 vinyl. Payments are sent as checks from the Swiss postal bank and printed in the local currency of the recipient so they can be cashed at the post office free of charge. The website is measured by the length of our current digital inventory, so as downloads go out of stock, the website starts to disappear.
Auditiva . thirding-as-othering

15 Giugno > 6 Luglio 2016, Nova Milanese, Villa Brivio
opening 15 Giugno ore 18:30

Auditiva: thirding-as-othering is a sound-based project curated by Frequente for Villa Brivio in Nova Milanese and realized in collaboration with Bice Bugatti Club. It is a free path, with two beginnings and a central ending. Three site specific sound installations are conceived as expanded fields able to realize the sense of their presence in the listeners’ perception and in strict liaison with the place. Three forces – the environment, the art work and the listener – are conceived as open and independent subjects, strongly connected by their mutual active presence. These elements accomplish a sort of trialectics (thirding), which is neither oppositional nor collaborative , but able to produce estrangement (othering), which in turn breaks the limits of definitions and roles. What connects the environment, the sound work and the listener is not an intellectual process mediated by art, rather it is the coexistence of all these forces that, in a reciprocal dynamic of activation, mobilize the possibilities of the place. In doing so, they realize sociality in its more organic aspect, that is achievement and wonder, collective because experienced as an individual feeling.

From June 15th until July 6th, the garden hosts the sound installation by Seiji Morimoto: tiny sounds, result of analogical devices simply made, are set up by the artist; the site specific intervention build a shelter perfectly located within the daily sound protocol of the garden.
At the same time and on the other side, Migration by Stephen Cornford takes place: an installation for factory-second dictaphones. It is visible first than audible and includes the visual element as part of the sound, perfectly inserted into the specificity of the author’s own research. By subtly transforming their mechanics and audio electronics their simple motion, voltage and operative noise are combined into a visual and aural display reminiscent of the massed migrations of birds or insects. Obliquely referencing the appropriation of the term ‘Migration’ as a data process the work reflects on the global movement of consumer electronics as they pass from production to pollution in the ever accelerating life cycles between generations of technology.
Finally, as conclusion of Auditiva, on July 6th at 9pm the installation-performance by Gábor Lázár takes place, in the central yard of the court. This is a connective space between the others, accessible also by a third enter from the public park. The performance concludes and opens the prospective at the same time: a temporary intervention, with led lights and electronic sounds acts with big volumes, with reverberations and with the attendance of the limited duration of a performance, going to reveal that architectural void that is able, along with the public, to be bearer of freedom of action.

opening 15.06 h 18:30
15.06 > 6.07 Seiji Morimoto . Stephen Cornford   |  6.07 h 21:00 Gábor Lázár

Jake Meginsky Jake_Meginsky_2016
15 maggio 2016, Standards, Milano. ore 19:00.

Frequente & TerzoPaesaggio present Jake Meginsky performing live at Standards, Milano. Jake Meginsky is an electronic musician, percussionist and composer, he has collaborated and performed with such artists as Milford Graves, Alvin Lucier, Joan Labarbara, Kim Gordon, Vic Rawlings, Greg Kelley, Bhob Rainey, Joe McPhee, Thurston Moore, William Parker, Daniel Carter, Paul Flaherty, Arthur Brooks, Bill Nace, and John Truscinski.
Music critic David Keenan called Meginsky’s 2014 solo record, L’appel Du Vide, “a hallucinatory electro percussion masterpiece” and in the WIRE Magazine review of the album, Nick Cain wrote, “the album uses little more than a couple of sounds, extracting often head spinning complexity from a minimum of means.” Art In America Magazine says, “Meginsky’s digital concrète takes percussion to outer extremes.” His newest solo release, Seven Psychotropic Sinewave Palindromes, was recently listed in FACT Magazine’s “top 25 albums of 2016 so far”.  
Meginsky frequently collaborates with choreographers and has worked with Cori Olinghouse, Paul Matteson, Jen Nugent, Susan Sgorbati, Katie Martin, and Nora Chipaumire. He has a longstanding artistic relationship with Gwen Welliver, and recently composed the score for her new work, “What a Horse”.  Welliver and Meginsky will debut a new work at the Ginbney, NYC in 2017.